In the fall of 2018, Ruby was brought to the Lawrence Humane Society weighing a mere 24 pounds. Upon arrival, she was barely able to stand. The pictures below show Ruby after 10 days of treatment. As you can see, she was still extremely emaciated.

Our expert medical team here at LHS was alarmed and on the case. Due to the long-term malnourishment Ruby suffered, her stomach could not handle eating large amounts of food. One of our dedicated foster homes, Denny Ewert, stepped up to help Ruby recover in a warm and cozy home.

“I was shocked at how emaciated she was,” Ewert told LHS. “I could see every bone in her body. Even her head was sunken in. But, she was in good spirits and wagging her tail.”

The medical team provided Ewert with a strict feeding schedule for Ruby.

“Ruby’s body needed to be slowly reintroduced to food,” Ewert recalled. “The first week I had her, I took Ruby to LHS for daily IV treatments and then weekly check-ups by Dr. Jennifer Stone and Dr. Luke Pickett. She had absolutely no muscle mass and couldn’t walk very far. I had to lift her in and out of my vehicle for the first few months. It was a challenge for her to even go up and down the one step off my back porch.”

With the best supportive care, from both the LHS medical team, and her loving foster home, Ruby continued her road to recovery over the next five months.

“Ruby continued to get significantly stronger each week and was able to stand/walk more confidently,” Dr. Jennifer Stone reported.
About half a year into her recovery, Ruby’s health and behavior were much improved.

“Ruby’s past had taught her to survive and eat things she shouldn’t,” Ewert remembered. “She was frantic to eat anything the first few months in our home. She ate drywall, wicker baskets, and she would frantically run around the backyard eating any bug and plant she could find. She eventually learned she would receive regular food and is no longer the food maniac she used to be. Don’t get me wrong! She still loves food but she actually turned down eating a carrot recently and would have never done that a year ago.”

After gaining over 25 pounds in five months, Ruby started to get the “zoomies” and race around the house with a big smile on her face. The Ewert’s were starting to feel like Ruby was a big part of their family.

“Back in 2017, we lost our 16-year-old lab, who we originally fostered from the Lawrence Humane Society,” Ewert said. “We didn’t think we were ready for another dog until we met Ruby. She is so silly and brings a smile to my face every single time I see her.”

After six months helping Ruby recover, Ewert knew she another foster fail on her hands.

“We never planned to adopt Ruby, but she was part of our lives for so long, she was pretty much family at that point.”

Once Ruby’s original owner’s court case closed, the Ewert’s made the big decision.

“When it came time to take her back to the shelter to be placed for adoption, we just couldn’t do it!”

Ruby is now an official member of the Ewert family. As you can see in the pictures below (taken fall 2019), she is healthy and loving life in her forever home!

With extra-mile efforts from the LHS medical team and a loving foster family, it is truly remarkable the difference one single year can make. If you would like to help change the lives of more pets like Ruby, please consider making a donation to the Lawrence Humane Society today.

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