Animal Admissions


I Need to Surrender A Pet

We understand that despite your best efforts, it sometimes becomes necessary to give up a pet. We are here to help you in those difficult situations and work with you to ensure the best possible solution for you and your pet. The Lawrence Humane Society accepts owned animals by-appointment. To schedule an appointment, please email or call 785-843-6835. Prior to your appointment, please complete an Owner Surrender information form:

Surrender a Dog

Surrender a Cat

Surrender a Handheld Pet

Our Animal Admissions Offices are open for animal admissions from 11:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day of the week. To view all of our admissions fees Click Here.

We are an open-admission animal shelter that accepts all animals, regardless of reason, health, or temperament. A health examination, behavior assessment, and/or history review will determine if your pet is suited for our adoption program. To offset the cost of this evaluation, an Admissions Fee is requested when you relinquish your pet.

After admission, we will determine if your pet requires medical or behavior rehabilitation in order to become eligible for adoption. Medical treatment and/or behavior management may be provided as determined by our staff and the resources we have available.

There is never a limit on how long an animal may stay in our shelter and 100 percent of friendly, healthy, and treatable animals are saved. However, we cannot guarantee that an animal will qualify for adoption, remain available for adoption, or respond to treatment. We cannot guarantee placement of any animals. Animals that display aggressive behavior, are unable to thrive in the shelter environment, or are suffering from medical conditions that we cannot treat, are humanely euthanized. We currently maintain a 85 percent Live Release Rate.

Adoption Return

The Lawrence Humane Society will accept any animal adopted from us. To help us manage the kennel population, please schedule an Admissions Appointment. Email or call (785) 843-6835. We do not charge a fee for animals returned within 30-days of adoption.

Legacy Companion Care

Every year, the Lawrence Humane Society receives pets that are left homeless because their owner has become incapacitated or has died. These animals often arrive at the shelter without any veterinary history, behavior or lifestyle information, which can cause them undue stress and delay their placement into a new home. By enrolling your pet in the Legacy Companion Care program, you will ensure that your cat or dog will be immediately and responsibly cared for by the Lawrence Humane Society.

In case of emergency, we can provide temporary shelter and care until a family member or friend can reclaim your pet. If you don’t have a designated caregiver, you can pre-authorize the Lawrence Humane Society to take ownership of your pet and arrange for permanent placement into a new home. The Legacy Companion Care program is free to anyone who wants to plan for her pet’s future. Registering your pet with us helps assure a smooth transition for your pet should something happen to you.

For more information, contact us at or (785) 843-6835 to schedule an appointment.