Humane Investigations Fund


Humane Investigations Fund

When you donate to our Humane Investigations Fund, you support:

Investigations into animal abuse and neglect.

We receive over 100 calls a year from people concerned about animal mistreatment. Our Humane Investigations Department does not receive government funding or financial assistance from any national animal organization. We rely on donations to employ the only trained and equipped Humane Investigator in Douglas County.

Animal rescue and rehabilitation.

The animals we rescue usually require immediate veterinary treatment, then long-term care to recover from their experience. Your donation will help us purchase medical supplies, hay for rescued horses, Ferrier expenses, and necessary transportation and boarding fees. Your gift may also be directed to emergency veterinary care fees and LHS medical team expenses.

Special Prosecutor.

We rely on the Lawrence Police Department to file charges, secure warrants, and arrest suspects. A local animal attorney, hired by the Lawrence Humane Society, advises the police on humane investigation management and is available to the City/County Prosecutor’s office to conduct research, attend trials, and help ensure offenders are brought to justice. Your donation may support the cost of filing documents, attending court, and attorney fees directly related to an animal abuse case and legislative efforts that continue to protect animals.

At-risk and abused animals need our help. Please donate now.