Working Cats Available at Lawrence Humane Society

Lawrence, KS — October 16th, 2019 — The age old rivalry between cats and mice goes back to the beginnings of time.

And while images of Tom & Jerry or Itchy & Scratchy may make it seem like a very lighthearted issue, mice can cause real problems for business owners and farmers. And the best solution to that problem is a cat.

At the Lawrence Humane Society, we sometimes receive cats who have not been well socialized throughout their lives. These cats can be hyper sensitive, fearful or prone to over stimulation. Traits like these, unfortunately, don’t make for the best family pets. But Lawrence Humane Society Behavior Coordinator Ethan Hrabe says these cats can still be the purr-fect fit for certain situations.

“Working cats take care of small rodent problems,” Hrabe said. “If you’re a business with merchandise in storage, or a farmer with a barn filled with mice, you put your working cat out after hours, and it won’t be long before your rodent problem is a thing of the past.”

In the pictures above, you see adoptable working cats Kacey, Debbie, Peanut, Pecan, Noodle and Sparky. According to Hrabe, the Lawrence Humane Society’s Working Cat Program is another way the shelter is providing cats like these six a second chance at the homes, health and happiness they deserve.

“It’s not the cat’s fault they weren’t properly socialized at a young age,” Hrabe said. “The Working Cat Program allows us to take the cats who might not be best suited for your living room and give them a purpose. And that purpose comes with food, water, shelter and a caring owner.”

The Lawrence Humane Society has several working cat available for adoption. For more information, call our Pet Resource Center at 785-856-0334.

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