Kya Finds Her Furr-ever Family

Lawrence, KS — Nov 1st, 2019 — Meet Kya. She is a spayed, white and black pit bull terrier mix, weighing about 62lbs and estimated to be about four years old.

But more importantly, Kya is a big-time cuddler who thinks she’s a little lapdog! She loves playing with a ball, giving hugs and making new friends.

Unfortunately, Kya was extremely anxious in the kennel environment, making it difficult for her to find her furr-ever family during her time with the Lawrence Humane Society. Kya couldn’t be out with the other dogs on the adoption floor. The only time a potential adopter would meet Kya was if they saw her online and came in and requested to see her.

Kya needed a warm and caring home to contain all the love she had to give. With that in mind, the dedicated team at the Lawrence Humane Society put their heads together and began brainstorming creative ideas. And out of those brainstorming sessions, “Where’s Kya” was born.

The idea was to send Kya on A Dog’s Day Out, engaging the community to solve clues about where Kya was going to be on her big day out on the town, visit her, take lots of pictures and video and share their experience far and why.

“We are always willing to go the extra mile to find the paw-fect match for our amazing animals,” Lawrence Humane Society Director of Development and Communications, Michael LaFave said. “Ever single person at the shelter was rooting for Kya to find a family to love on. We were confident that if we turned to the animal lovers of Lawrence, they would come out in force to help Kya. And we were not disappointed.”

One of the great Lawrence Humane Society supporters, Alex, agreed to paint the town red with Kya. She picked Kya up the morning of Saturday, October 26th, hoping their field trip would result in a new home for this sweetheart of a dog.

While everyone at the shelter loved Kya, she was perhaps closest to LHS Customer Care Supervisor, Rikki Swearengin.

Kya was such a sweet dog outside of the shelter, and this event allowed her to showcase her cuddly nature,” Swearengin said.

Along with some cuddling at Alex’s house and a private lunch, Alex and LHS staff planned three special stops for Kya and issued clues as to her location.

First up, Kya took a stroll through South Park. She then stopped by Lucky Dog Outfitters on Mass. St. for a fresh-baked, healthy snack and to try on some new outfits. Kya was spotted in both locations, and Lawrence Humane Society supporters shared pictures and helped spread the word.

The plan was for Kya to then visit her friends at Sunflower Outdoor and Bike Shop.

However, those plans came to an abrupt stop!

Pet lover Tamantha had been following the “Where’s Kya” event. She figured out from the clues that Kya and Alex were heading to Lucky Dog, and Tamantha and her son rushed to pet bakery to meet her.

The meet and greet went well, and before long, Alex was bringing Kya back to the shelter to begin the adoption process!

“We are so thrilled that a great day for Kya turned into her finding her perfect family,” Swearengin said. “Watching Kya sit with her new human brother, so patient and full of smiles as if she knew this was meant to be, made our staff and volunteers feel so confident about her new home.”

There were very few dry eyes in the building as Rikki walked Tamantha through the adoption paperwork.

And it wasn’t long before Kya and her new brother were cuddling on the couch in Kya’s new furr-ever home!

Thanks to some innovative planning and the support of an amazing community, Kya is out of the kennel environment and into a new home. She’s already creating smiles for her new family. As Tamantha put it:

“She is home and we are so happy!”

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