Lawrence, KS — October 14th, 2019 — 451 pets found their furr-ever families during the annual KC Mega Match event.

“When you walk into a Humane Society and see so many fur balls being match with their perfect fits, you just can’t help but smile,” said Michael LaFave, Director of Development and Communications for the Lawrence Humane Society. “A lot of joy was spread this weekend.”

The Petco Foundation and Bobs from Skechers sponsored the event, allowing the four participating Kansas City metro area shelters to offer adoption fees of just $25 for all animals.

Along with the Lawrence Humane Society, Great Plains SPCA, KC Pet Project and Midwest Animal ResQ all teamed together to change the lives of hundreds of pets over the weekend.

“The timing of the KC Mega Match really worked out perfectly,” said Lawrence Humane Society Interim Executive Director Kirk Putman. “So not only did we find homes for dozens of adorable animals this weekend, but it’s freed the space for us to match dozens more with the perfect families in the coming days and weeks.”

The event started out with a bang Friday at the Lawrence Humane Society’s new 20,000 square foot facility, with 33 adoptions! Saturday continued the hot streak with 24 more matches made. And the event closed out Sunday with yet another 15, for a total of 72 adoptions over just three day — an average of 24 new furr-ever homes each day!

Finding the right family match for that many pets — in one weekend — puts a ton of pressure on the shoulders of shelter staff. But according to Lawrence Humane Society Community Programs Manager, Alisa Farinelli, the Lawrence community made the long week pass in a flash.

“The community support was amazing,” Farinelli said. “Everyone was gracious, grateful, patient, and kind. All of those qualities made our job fulfilling and easier. We had so much fun because of them, but were also all brought to tears several times. So many animals went to such great homes.”

Along with the amazing job shelter staff did handling the heavy workload, Farinelli also said the team of volunteers were critical to the success of the KC Mega Match event.

In addition to Lawrence Humane Society’s 72 animal adoptions, KC Pet Project adopted 184 pets, 130 animals found new homes from Great Plains SPCA and Midwest Animal ResQ added another 65 adoptions, for a total of 451 pets’ lives changed in the Kansas City metro area in just a single weekend!

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