After two decades, Lawrence Humane Society to get new facilities (University Daily Kansan)

Date: May 3, 2017
Article by Courtney Bierman

The medical facilities at the Lawrence Humane Society are about the size of a dorm room. Fluorescent light bulbs flicker over the bodies of several small dogs gently placed on the floor on top of towels.

The animals are sleeping off anesthetic. Even if there were space for a proper recovery area, there aren’t resources to furnish it. If they’re lucky, someone will kneel down and fall in love with a wet nose and a pair of soft brown eyes. But before that, they’ll have to endure some of the scariest, most stressful days of their lives in a facility that simply doesn’t meet their needs.

But after more than two decades in the current facility, the Lawrence Humane Society is getting a new building, and staff are asking the Lawrence community for donations. The $7.5 million project is more than 70 percent funded thanks to the City of Lawrence and private donors, but it has just shy of $2 million to go.

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