Humane Investigations

The Lawrence Humane Society’s Humane Investigation Department is the only humane investigation program in Northeast Kansas. We are committed to seeking justice for animals throughout the state by assisting animal control and law enforcement in investigating reports of animal neglect and abuse. We collaborate with law enforcement on cases from the seizure, to case management, to the disposition of the animal. Our team consists of an animal welfare attorney and 3 humane investigators. Our education, training, and experience makes our team a premier resource for cities and counties needing assistance on these critically important cases.

Contact us for help

If you suspect an animal is being intentionally or unintentionally abused or neglected, please take action and contact your local animal control or law enforcement immediately!

City of Lawrence Animal Control Dispatch

If you want to report abuse, but do not know who to call, contact our Humane Investigation department below. If you are animal control, law enforcement, or a government staff member working on an animal abuse investigation or pending prosecution, our Humane Investigation department is happy to help.

Lawrence Humane Society Humane Investigation Department
Business Hours: 9:00am-6:00pm daily

After-Hours Assistance

City of Lawrence Animal Control Dispatch

In addition to humane investigations, the Lawrence Humane Society provides 24-hour daily rescue for injured or ill stray (unowned) animals. For assistance, please contact animal control dispatch at 785-832-7509.

If you witness an animal in immediate distress (i.e. hit by a car, being beaten, locked in a car), please call 911 immediately.

Additional Resources

Lawrence City Code: Regulation of Animals

Douglas County Animal Ordinances