The Lawrence Humane Society’s Pet Resource Center is here to help you find your lost pet, or return a pet you’ve found to his or her owner. If you have lost or found a pet, please take action immediately!

If you have lost your pet, please call our Pet Resource Center at (785) 371-0473 to file a lost pet report, or use the links below to report a lost dog, cat, or other animal:

Stray and lost animals in Lawrence and Douglas County are brought to our Pet Resource Center and are legally required to be held for 3 business days (Lawrence) or 5 business days (Douglas County). After the hold period has expired, animals will be evaluated and placed for adoption. If you have lost your pet, we strongly encourage you to visit the Lawrence Humane Society immediately.

Click here to search recently found pets in our care.

The Lawrence Humane Society accepts stray animals found within Lawrence and Douglas County limits during business hours. If you are unable to catch an animal, please call Animal Control at 785-832-7509 (Lawrence) or the Douglas County Sheriff at (785) 841-0007 (Douglas County).

If you have found a lost or abandoned animal, please call our Pet Resource Center at (785) 371-0473 to file a found pet report, or use the links below to report a found dog, cat, or other animal:

Click here to view local lost pet reports to try and make a match.

The Lawrence Humane Society does not typically accept strays from outside of Douglas County. If you have found an animal in a different county, please contact the nearest Animal Control department, or the nearest shelter in that county or town, for assistance. Pet owners who have lost their pets outside of Douglas County may not be looking for their lost pets in Douglas County, so we ask you take them to facilities where their owners in the area in which they were found so that their owners are more likely to find them. If you need help finding your nearest Animal Shelter or Animal Control services, please contact our Pet Resource Center at 785-371-0473, and we can assist you.