The Lawrence Humane Society is an open-admission, nonprofit animal shelter that accepts all animals, regardless of reason for surrender, health, or temperament. We do not assess animals prior to completion of the surrender appointment; a health examination, behavior assessment, and/or history review after your appointment will determine if your pet is suited for our adoption program.

To offset the cost of this evaluation and the care provided to your pet, an Admissions fee is required when you relinquish your pet:

  • Owner Surrender (within Douglas County): $40
  • Owner Surrender (outside of Douglas County): $60

There is never a limit on how long an animal may stay in our shelter and 100% of friendly, healthy, and treatable animals find homes. However, we cannot guarantee placement of any animal. Animals that display aggressive behavior, are unable to thrive in the shelter environment, or are suffering from medical conditions that we cannot treat, may be humanely euthanized.

To view our lifesaving statistics, please click here.