We can do better … FOR THEM.

The Lawrence Humane Society’s 21-year-old facility is failing and, due to its design and age, is presenting numerous challenges to the health and welfare of the animals in our care.

Our facility no longer meets industry standards for proper animal care and disease management.The housing units are significantly smaller than industry best practices and are difficult to clean. Additionally, the rooms do not have sufficient airflow and filtration to prevent the spread of disease.

The design of the current facility also contributes heavily to the stress our animals face: there is no natural light available to the animals inside the shelter, and with the cat adoption rooms located adjacent to the dog adoption area, the lack of noise control increases stress to our cats.

There is no dedicated medical clinic in which to perform exams or provide treatment. One surgery suite serves as the bedrock for all medical procedures. Furthermore, there is no means to fully isolate ill or contagious animals.

Finally, we lack the space necessary to provide resources and education to the members of our community. There is no dedicated meeting space for volunteer orientations, staff trainings, field trips, humane education classes, or public dog trainings. We know that the most effective way to address animal overpopulation is to focus on programs like these that reduce the number of animals who require the shelter safety net.

We can do better. Our animals, and our community, deserve it.

With your support , we can achieve more to save animals’ lives and improve the well-being of pets and people in our community. Together, we can invest in a better future … for them.

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