Service to the Community

The Lawrence Humane Society serves the Lawrence and Douglas County area as advocates for animal welfare in many ways, including:
Humane Sheltering. We provide medical care, food and shelter to 3,500 dogs, cats and other small animals annually.

Pet Adoptions. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff and volunteers work with adopters to match them with an animal that suits their lifestyle. Learn more about adopting a pet from the Lawrence Humane Society.

Lost and Found. The humane society’s lost and found programs help reunite owners and their pets. We offer affordable microchips to reduce the number of unidentified lost pets. Learn more about our Lost and Found program here.

Stray Animal Care. We provide sheltering services for stray animals brought in by City of Lawrence and Douglas County personnel.

Cruelty Investigations. Cruelty investigations are handled seriously and confidentially. Prosecution of offenders is sought when necessary. Learn more about Cruelty & Neglect Investigations and what you can do here.

Advocacy and Outreach. The Lawrence Humane Society is actively advocating for animal welfare by reaching out to local government, humane groups and veterinarians to enhance cooperation and community support, and to advocate for laws and regulations that will improve the quality of life for animals in Lawrence, the State of Kansas and the nation.

Publicity and Fund Raising. Raising awareness about our life-saving efforts and raising funds are necessary for our continued growth and commitment to our community. We are honored to receive memorial tributes and special gifts. Visit our Get Involved page to learn how you can help Lawrence Humane Society save more animals.