Adoption Story: Dude

Previous Next “I wanted to give a 1 month adoption update on Zuko, formerly Dude. Zuko has settled in well to his new home. He has been perfectly potty trained since day 1 and trustworthy with free roam in the house. He loves his new doggy brother and sister, as well as his 2 kitty […]

Adoption Story: Karma

“Our previous dog, Kira, was also adopted at LHS. She passed away in May, a couple months after COVID started. We were so sad, and there were so many other things to grieve like not being able to see family and not having a commencement after I finished graduate school. We thought we’d wait awhile […]

Sick Foster Kitten Makes Triumphant Recovery- Petey’s Story

Kitten playing on book saying "Small but Mighty"

On the very first day Petey’s future-forever parents started fostering him, they knew he was special. Whether it was his rambunctious nature or his raucous pterodactyl screech of a meow, Petey stole their hearts with his huge personality. Petey’s name was an evolution in and of itself, much like his namesake. From “P. Dactyl,” to […]

Adopting Appa

My husband and I are graduate students and have been married for almost 3 years now. My husband grew up with dogs whereas I never had one. Whenever he would tell me stories about his dogs, I felt sad and wondered when I would have my own dog to spend time with. As we are […]