Pets Heal Hearts – A Dog Named Chicken

I was born the kind of kid who wanted to save all the unwanted and abused animals. So when I grew up, it didn’t take me long to rescue dogs. One fateful day, my beloved Chicken came to me as a stray and we have been together for over 10 years now. She and I have done some therapy work over the years and together, we visited teenagers and senior homes in the Lawrence community. She is basically the reason I do what I do with fostering and adopting senior dogs. I’ll never forget the commute that put me on the path to my tiny, two-pound, teacup poodle mix, Chicken.

Earlier this year Chicken began to weaken, and it was harder and harder to keep her popular Instagram up to date. It broke my heart every time I looked into her tired eyes that once held so much spunk. On March 6, the world and I lost this tiny warrior who encouraged so many. I spent a few days grieving and missing the small spot next to me she occupied at all times. On the third day after she passed, Lawrence Humane Society had a single chihuahua puppy who needed a foster home, and I knew little Guacamole was just what my heart needed to start healing.


Foster pup Guacamole


His innocent and curious eyes, the way he joyfully pranced behind me everywhere I went felt so familiar while entirely new. His favorite place to sleep was as close to me as possible – just like Chicken’s had been – and it made me feel like life was back on track. Guacamole has now been adopted by the most loving forever family and I’m so happy for them all. I’m also so happy that I had the chance to heal my heart as his foster mom during a time when I needed him the most.

– Nicole

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