How A Microchip Brought A Wandering Pup Back Home

Our in-house counsel, Katie Barnett, was driving home from running errands. In the middle of the dusty country road, a tiny lil’ black and white pup was trotting around, clearly lost. Katie pulled off to the side and the sweet girl sprinted right into her arms. In the midst of many kisses, Katie realized there was no collar or tags. Being out in the country, the homes were sparse and therefore, there were no doors to knock on or neighbors to ask about the lost dog. 
Katie gave Lawrence Humane a call and sure enough, they had just received a call about a black and white terrier mix who shot out the door that morning. To be sure it was the right dog, she brought the adventurous pup over to the shelter so we could use one of our quick and easy-to-use machines to scan for her chip. It was a match! The chip was registered to the family who reported her missing. Katie gave the owners a call and drove her home. It turned out she had traveled quite a long way in just a few short hours! Not only did she walk what was likely over 5 miles, she had to literally find a way to go “over the river and through the woods!” Our staff took a look at a map to hypothesize how on earth she ended up where she did. Somehow, she managed to find a way over the river, I-70, cross over railroad tracks, another busy highway, AND several pastures to get to where she was located! Talk about an intrepid little thing! 
After reuniting the family and speaking with the owners, she somehow lost her collar on her wild journey. The family was so happy to have her home and there were many tears of relief! This story illustrates the importance of microchips. This sweet dog never had to spend time at the shelter (besides getting her chip scanned) even after losing her collar all because she was microchipped and registered!

Our senior manager of social work holding the adventurous pup and one of our microchip machines!

Did you know when you adopt an animal from Lawrence Humane, your adoption fee covers the following: 

  • Spayed/neutered prior to adoption
  • Age-appropriate vaccines
  • Registered microchip
  • A bag of Science Diet pet food
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