CPR Fund: Sunny & Rocket

"They mean the world to me, I only want to give them as much as they've given to me."

Sunny and Rocket’s mom, Michelle, applied for the Crisis Pet Retention Fund at the beginning of November in 2020. She noted in her application that she had lost her housing due to a volatile situation and her pets were not allowed at her temporary place of residence.  

After reviewing her application, we knew she was the perfect candidate and we’d be able to help care for her pets through this unstable time. Through this lifesaving fund, we were able to update Sunny & Rocket’s vaccines and send them out to loving foster families. The two did go to different foster homes as Rocket wasn’t quite house trained and needed a foster who was experienced in housetraining small dogs. Michelle called regularly to check up on them while she worked and saved up money for a new home that would allow the three of them to be together again. The foster families provided updates and photos that we were able to pass on to Michelle so she could rest assured knowing her beloved pets were well taken care of. 

After three and a half months apart, Michelle finally secured a pet-friendly home and set a date to pick up Sunny and Rocket. The foster families brought them back to Lawrence Humane where they enjoyed spending a couple hours hanging out in our Pet Resource Center while they waited for their mama to arrive. Rocket (the dog) was VERY excited to see Sunny! Sunny, being the cat that he is – kept it calm, cool, and collected. When Michelle came to pick them up, all three were clearly over the moon to be reunited! 

Because of the CPR program, Michelle didn’t have to suffer the emotional trauma of having to surrender her beloved pets and sever connections that meant the world to her at a time when she was already experiencing overwhelming challenges. Instead, she was able to take the time that she needed to work, save up, and create a good, stable home, knowing that the pets who meant so much to her were being well taken care of until she could bring them home again. Now the three of them are together again and can pick up where they left off continuing to take care of one another!

You can help us keep more families together right here in Douglas County by making a gift to our Crisis Pet Retention fund!

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