Spicy Kitten Poems

Foster caretaker, Katie Sears, has been caring for Lawrence Humane animals since 2020. Her most recent foster kittens (Wingnut and Screwloose) are what we call “spicy,” meaning they are hissy, grumpy, and don’t like humans that much. By getting our spiciest kittens in foster homes at a young age, we can slowly socialize them and encourage them that humans aren’t so bad. It’s very entertaining to watch stubborn and hissy 2lb babies try to show you how tough they are. 

We were absolutely charmed with Katie’s poetry regarding the hissy kitten pair slowly becoming more social with humans. We hope you love these poems as much as we do. These are in chronological order from when she first took home the kittens to when they came back to the shelter to be adopted. We hope you love these poems as much as we do!

Katie explains that their ear positions in the photos reminded her of airplanes, hence the heavy aviation language.
Katie's last poem on the day they were adopted by their new, loving family!
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