Humphery Fund

Many of you will remember Humphrey, the stray cat who was brought in to Lawrence Humane severely emaciated, dehydrated, and so terribly matted that his fur formed a multi inch-thick exoskeleton over his body. You can read Humphrey’s whole story here!

While Humphrey eventually passed away in a loving foster home, his story continues to resonate. In fact, Dan Lowery, a Lawrence Humane supporter and cat welfare advocate, was so moved by Humphrey’s story that he made an incredibly generous donation that officially started the Humphrey Fund – a fund exclusively for the medical care of adult cats with extra needs! 

The Humphrey Fund will be utilized for adult cats who need more than a standard care routine (spay/neuter, vaccines, microchips, flea/tick prevention, etc.) in order to be healthy and available for adoption. This fund will help adult cats with things like major surgeries, amputations, care from veterinary specialists, dental surgeries, and more. 

While we are so grateful to have support from Orphan Kitten Club for medical care of kittens with extra needs, the Humphrey Fund is the first fund dedicated exclusively to adult cats that Lawrence Humane has ever had! And we are so grateful to Dan Lowery for getting it started!

Most of all, we’re thankful that Humphrey came into our shelter and our lives. His kind spirit and wise, gentle eyes made a huge impact in the time he had remaining and his memory continues to make an impact now that he’s gone. We invite you to join Dan and make a donation to the Humphrey Fund to help us ensure that every adult cat can get the care they need and a home where they will be cherished for all the time they have!

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