Our staff continues to make sure that every single animal not only has their physical needs met, but their mental health needs as well. Whether that means providing extra love and snuggles to an affection-starved dog, coaxing purrs out of a litter of hissy kittens, or making sure that every playgroup-loving dog gets their turn to run and wrestle with their friends – no matter what, Lawrence Humane staff is committed to ensuring that no need goes unmet.

We will keep working to find the best outcome for every animal who enters our care, whether that’s getting a lost pet home, finding an animal a loving home, or seeking assistance from organizations with unique resources we may not have. We are committed to making sure that every animal who enters our care is able to benefit from every single resource we can access.

We will continue to show up for the pets and pet owners in our community. 

Would you be willing to go the extra mile with us?