If you’re reading this, we’re guessing at some point in your life, you have felt the love of an animal and loved it in return. Maybe it’s a cat or dog curled up next to you right now, snoring in peaceful bliss. Maybe it was a childhood pet that provided comfort when you needed it most, or a pet owned by someone you cared for. Maybe you adopted that pet from Lawrence Humane and maybe it came from somewhere else. Regardless of the circumstances, this is an experience that we all share and is something that connects and unites us all.

You may remember the story we shared last year about Sergeant Major Master Commander Buster Blaster – an incredible, quirky dog adopted from Lawrence Humane in 2006, who got to spend 14 years in the most loving home imaginable. But Buster wasn’t the only beloved dog in the home – a few years before he passed, his parents got him a brother, Hayseed Freddie! 

Not much is known of Freddie’s past. What we do know is someone dumped him in one of the Lawrence Humane play yards in the middle of the night and staff found him early the next morning. Freddie was significantly underweight and his pitiful physical appearance mirrored the circumstances under which he was found. Not too long after Freddie arrived, Buster’s parents decided it was time to bring a second dog into their home. They came to Lawrence Humane to find one that Sergeant Major Master Commander Buster Blaster could take under his mighty wing. When the meeting with the first dog they met didn’t work out, the shelter staff suggested they meet Freddie…and it was love at first sight!

 Buster’s family adopted Freddie and brought him home where a new life awaited him, one filled with endless pets and snuggles, treats and scritches, long ambles in the woods and an older brother named Buster who guided Freddie and showed him what family life was all about. In return, Freddie has given his new family never faltering devotion, reasons to laugh and find joy every day, and unconditional love.

Freddie and Buster’s parents have offered to match all gifts of $100 or greater, made between now and March 5, up to $10,000! This means that your donation will be doubled and will go twice as far in helping us make sure that all animals who enter the care of Lawrence Humane can find the kind of loving, forever home that Buster and Freddie found. 


Your support allows us to ensure that thousands of animals are cared for and have every need met until their forever families are found and bring them home to love for the rest of their days.

Would you be willing to make a gift of $100 or an amount that is meaningful to you before March 5, so that it can be matched?