We’d like to introduce you to a very special cat named Bowie. In many regards, Bowie is like most young cats – he loves to play wrestle, he enjoys a good snuggle with his mom, he sometimes teases the dog, and he’ll happily sell his soul for a Churu treat. However, there is one major difference between Bowie and other cats…Bowie has an extreme case of Cerebellar hypoplasia.

Cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) is a neurological condition that affects a cat’s balance and mobility. Cats with CH generally have a wobbly walk, lack coordination, and have body tremors. There is no treatment for CH. And while Lawrence Humane has had kittens and cats with mild cases of CH before, we had never seen a case as severe as Bowie’s.

Bowie was brought to Lawrence Humane in deplorable condition. Bowie’s CH is so bad that he is completely unable to stand, walk, or sit upright on his own. This also means that he can’t use the litterbox, eat, or drink on his own. Yet Bowie had been kept in a small kennel without any accommodations made for his needs. He arrived covered in urine and feces, so matted that the only option was to shave off his fur. He was also emaciated, weighing half of what a cat his age should weigh. Bowie seemed dejected and broken hearted…the light in his eyes had been put out. But Lawrence Humane staff were undeterred.

A lot of places would have given up on Bowie, not believing that he could have a good quality of life. Not everyone might have wanted to invest time and resources into him, thinking that it might be best to euthanize him. But Lawrence Humane staff believed that Bowie’s story didn’t need to end there – he could still have a happy life.

Bowie went home with a staff member so that he could recover from his emotional trauma and build his physical stamina. He was held and lovingly reassured that all was going to be ok, each snuggle bringing more and more light back to his eyes. He was held upright for his meals, allowing him to eat with more ease and get the nourishment that his body desperately needed. And as he got stronger, Bowie began to do some physical therapy to build some muscle tone that he had never gotten to develop.

Because of your support of Lawrence Humane, Bowie got to have a second chance at life.

Bowie now lives in his forever home with a variety of cat and dog siblings. He is a healthy weight, his fur has grown back, and his eyes shine brighter than ever! He meows to let his mom know when he needs to use the litterbox and she holds him up in it, allowing him the dignity of going to the bathroom like a cat. And best of all, Bowie has a wheelchair that allows him to race around the house and chase after his siblings, just like a normal cat! Bowie is a beloved member of a family committed to meeting his needs.

In honor of Bowie’s resilience, a generous Lawrence Humane supporter has offered to match all gifts made between now and July 15, up to $10,000! This means that your donation will be doubled and will go twice as far in helping us make sure that we never have to give up on any animal that comes through our doors. Would you be willing to give an amount that is meaningful to you at this time?

The first part of Bowie’s life was tragic – he was a prisoner in his own body, confined to a small space, and struggling to survive. And it would have been easy to end his story there. But at Lawrence Humane, we are committed to finding the best possible outcome for every single animal that comes through our door, easy or not. We don’t give up on challenging cases like Bowie’s because we know that every animal who comes into our care deserves every ounce of our effort. That is what makes Lawrence Humane such a special place.

But this is not possible without our community’s support. Your support is what allows us to make sure that Bowie and all animals like him are provided every possible resource so that they can find loving forever homes. Please know that every gift is appreciated and will go towards ensuring that every animal that comes through our doors has the best possible outcome…like Bowie. 

We are so thankful to have you in our corner! You make it possible for us to ensure that animals like Bowie have a happy forever, regardless of what challenges they face.