Soulmates: From Clear the Shelter to a Furr-ever Home

Meet Pixie and His Human, Shelby

Lawrence, KS — September 10, 2019 — On the Clear the Shelter Day 2019, Shelby Brier adopted Pixie, an 8 year-old cat, from the Lawrence Humane Society.

Shelby made the below video of their first week together. You can watch from the car ride home from the shelter to the moment they woke up the day she originally posted the video. In fact, as Shelby was attempting to share the video, Pixie was trying to lay on her laptop!

Shelby didn’t know how the adoption would go. She didn’t know if they would be best friends or just roommates. Pixie was a bit skittish at first but he made himself comfortable in just a matter of days.

Shelby is so thankful to have met Pixie!. She made the video to introduce her new soulmate to her (human) loved ones. The video represents the journey Shelby and Pixie are now on and how she feels having found her purr-fect pal.

Thank you to Shelby for allowing the Lawrence Humane Society to share her and Pixie’s story!

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