Pets Heal Hearts – Mardi Gras Party

Six years ago, I adopted a shih tzu named 1EyedJack from the Lawrence Humane Society. Then after going through a divorce a few years back, I decided to get another dog. On a long hot day, I waited for hours standing in the sun to find a companion on “Clear The Shelter” day. With the clock approaching 5:30, I think to myself, “Ah! I only have 30 minutes left.”

I continued to sweat in the heat, waiting, before I decided to call it quits and admit that today just wasn’t the day. I turn to leave, feeling disappointed. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a staff member with a dog. I found him to be so majestic. “He’s too young,” I thought, “I was hoping for an older, smaller pet.” However, there was just something about his behavior and the way he was conducting himself that kept pulling at my heart strings. He was walking around proud, tall, and strong. I decide to wait just a little longer and inquire about this majestic looking dog. We both agreed to give it a try and I ended up adopting him and named him Lincoln!

Flash forward to today – I had a much anticipated trip planned to celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Due to the Coronavirus, my trip was of course, cancelled. I have been quarantined since the beginning due to positive tests in my workplace. I decided not to let my trip cancellation get me down. It was Fat Tuesday and I had just the right amount of supplies to throw my own celebration! I told 1EyedJack and Lincoln to get dressed – we were going to celebrate! I changed into my best outfit, turned up the best of New Orleans jazz, and headed to the backyard. I drank mojitos and tossed bead necklaces at the dogs. I’ll never forget these good times with my BFF 2020 quarantined companions. Don’t worry, be happy, be safe.

– Cynthia

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