7 Reasons Why Adopting Two Cats is Better Than One

You might be asking yourself how on earth is it beneficial to adopt twice the kittens. Won’t that be more work for me? Fear not – it is quite the win-win-win situation! For the kittens, they are much happier and healthier having a best friend from the get-go in their new home. For YOU as the adopter, you might think two kittens sounds wild but it will actually make your life as a new kitten parent much easier! For us at the shelter, we are able to find homes for kittens at double the rate. Wins all around! Below are seven reasons why adopting two kittens is better than just adopting one.

  1. Friends provide comfort
    Just like us humans, kittens are social creatures. Imagine going to a brand new place all by yourself – kinda sounds scary, don’t you think? Much better and comforting to have a friend along! Settling into their new home with be much more relaxing with a buddy.
  2. Kittens are “copycats”
    By bringing two kittens home, you will have to spend less time training them for simple good cat behavior like using the litter box. As they navigate the basics of being a cat through their first year of life, having another kitten to learn from makes learning these skills much faster and easier! In addition, if one of your kittens has a more outgoing personality while the other is quiet and nervous, the adventurous kitten may help teach your shy cat to be more confident and playful!
  3. Playing helps establish good boundaries
    Save your hands from tiny claws and teeth! Having a friend means they can direct play behavior such as stalking, chasing, and pouncing toward one another, rather than you. They will learn good boundaries about biting and scratching. During playtime, they will understand his or her limits.
  4. Built-in entertainment and enrichment
    Busy working from home and need to cross some things off your to-do list? When your kitten has a built-in buddy, they’ll always have another companion to be entertained, active, and enriched. Accomplish those tasks on your list guilt-free knowing they have each other to entertain!
  5. Ease the stress of your older cat
    If you have an adult cat in your home, it may ease the tension and stress of your older cat to have two kittens around. One kitten might nag and bother the older cat for companionship but two kittens can bounce and pounce on each other instead of bothering your adult cat! Your older cat might enjoy watching the two silly kittens roll around too.
  6. Costs remain similar
    Regardless if you bring one kitten home or two, you still have to kitten-proof your house. Kittens can share litter boxes, cat trees, food and water bowls, beds and toys. Aside from vet services and checkups, many things you purchase for one kitten can be used by both cats!
  7. Double the lifesaving, love, and fun!
    Rest your head on your pillow and dream peacefully knowing you saved not only one but two lives and will be rewarded with twice the love, cuddles, and fun!


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