Adoption Story: Zeke

“A little over a month ago our senior tripod husky passed away and it was pretty tough to deal with. Maybe a week or so after that happened, I got a message about a husky at Lawrence Humane who was ALSO a tripod. I knew the timing was too coincidental and decided we had to have him! Thanks to some help from some amazing staff members, we were able to foster him and he was amazing. We loved having him around and felt ready to officially make him ours. Unfortunately, we failed to make the call in time and he ended up being adopted by someone else. We were heartbroken. It felt like losing another dog all over again. I probably cried for a week. Fast forward a month and I see a post on Facebook for lost and found animals, and it turns out it was Zeke! I figured the chances were probably slim that he’d be put back up for adoption but I had to contact the shelter just in case and they said they’d give me a call if his owners did not claim him and if he was made available. I waited anxiously for that call and finally on November 20, 2020, we got the call that his hold was up. We were able to bring Zeke back home and it’s almost like he never left! Did I mention we also have Daniel the Tripod Shepsky as well?! The two get along and play together so well. They are quite the sight to see and it’s an amazing lesson on resilience. I can’t explain what this experience means to our family. We are so grateful to LHS and all the help they’ve given us with getting him to his furever home.”

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