Adoption Story: Chloe

Chloe was taken from a bad breeder in the area. She was a day from delivering her babies and was sent to a foster home in Eudora where she had 3 puppies, who were easily adopted. However after she weaned the pups, no one wanted the Mom. The ladies at Lawrence Humane knew me and that I loved Yorkies, so I agreed to take Chloe for a short time. Chloe was only 4.5 pounds, lost much hair, had lived in a cage, was skiddish around people because of her lack of human contact, barked continuously, and was not housebroken. 

I figured out a diaper method for her little body, and a ski hat that I cut up for her to act as a little sweather. One of my friend’s dogs had passed and was interested in adopting a female Yorkie. I brought her to my friend for a weekend visit after her dog passed. She could not figure out my diaper tutorial, and was upset that Chloe peed on her new carpet. In that moment, I figured Chloe had enough stress in her life and I decided to keep her. It took 3 to 4 years for her to not rub her sides on the wall/couch/stair rails, and not back away at every noise. 

She enjoys being around me, but is still hesitant to be around others. She loves her two dog brothers, Lennie and Buddy, her bed, and her pillow on the couch. She is now up to 5 pounds and 4 ounces and has beautiful hair, but has lost many teeth. She loves popcorn and will back off her 10 and 15 pound brothers for her share, and then some! She steps into her diaper easily now and loves her life. She also enjoys riding in a car, smashed in the seat with the other two dogs. We just love her!

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