Adoption Story: Lennie

I was bringing used towels and cleaner to the shelter and thought I would just glance at the dogs. I saw Lennie and asked to see him. He did everything to make me love him in the first 45 seconds: kissing, licking, and large eye to eye contract. He had just been found and had to wait 3 days then pass his “personality test.” I got him on Mother’s Day, as my gift to me. Lennie became an “assistance dog” for my 14 year old Westie who was deaf. Lennie knew he had to round her up to come back into house, because she couldn’t hear. He was at her side as she passed. 

Lennie knows when any animal or person is having a difficult time, and stays by their side. He is an extremely smart Yorkie and still beautiful, even as he is 13 and losing his hearing. He follows me and keeps me in his vision because he can’t hear me anymore.  He helps protect my 5 pound Yorkie, Chloe (also adopted from the Lawrence Humane Society) and is also a role model for my new Westie mix, Buddy, from a Wichita shelter. If all people could channel Lennie’s intelligence, caring, love and acceptance, the world would be so much better.

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