Lawrence Humane Staff Provide Support to North Lawrence Camp
Over the last several months, Lawrence Humane staff – including Social Worker, Maddie Lockett; Animal Services Manager, Tia Ezell; Clinic Manager, Megan Herman; and Executive Director, Shannon Wells – have been going to the North Lawrence support camp for people experiencing houselessness, offering pet food, supplies, and support for pets and pet owners. In addition to providing pet food and supplies, they have also been able to provide necessary preventative vaccinations to 15 animals. On June 14th, 2023, they transported 4 dogs from the camp to Lawrence Humane for spay/neuter surgeries, after which, the dogs will be transported back to their owners at the camp. All of the care provided is 100% subsidized through our Crisis Pet Retention Fund, which is funded exclusively by grants and donations.
It takes time to build relationships and trust, and we feel honored that Lawrence Humane is starting to earn some of that trust from the camp’s residents, bit by bit. Pets provide a source of unconditional love and companionship. They can provide a sense of purpose and enable positive social interactions. And lest anyone suggest that pet owners experiencing houselessness ought to surrender their pets because they can’t possibly care for them, let us assure you that from what we have personally witnessed and what all national data reports, pet owners experiencing houselessness prioritize the welfare of their pets, putting the pets’ needs above their own.
Lawrence Humane is committed to supporting Douglas County’s pets and pet owners – housed and unhoused – and will continue to work to ensure that all pets in our community are healthy and safe from preventable diseases, and all pet owners have the resources they need to continue to care for their beloved companions.

We can’t do this impactful work without your help!

The Crisis Pet Retention fund relies on donations from our community to keep this transformative program sustainable. If you are able to donate, every dollar counts. You can help us keep people and pets together by clicking the button below and making a donation.

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