6 ways to support Lawrence Humane this holiday season

With the holiday season among us, many folks are filled with the spirit of giving and looking for ways to give back to their community. We’ve compiled a list of 6 impactful ways you can make a difference for the lives of shelter pets! Your support helps ensure every tail wags a little brighter during this festive season. Thank you for supporting your local animal shelter!

Why not try out a “reverse advent calendar” with your friends and family?! For 12 days, add any of these most needed donations to a box or bag for Just Food and Lawrence Humane. Deliver your full box of goodies to Lawrence Humane between Wednesday, December 19th and Friday, December 21st to be entered to win a $50 gift card to our retail store! Thank you for supporting this lovely little community of ours

Make life easy (and less cluttered!) by giving your loved ones the “gift of giving” this holiday season – choose a donation amount that’s meaningful to you, enter the recipient’s information, and pick from a variety of super cute e-cards! Your loved ones will feel extra special knowing you made a gift in their honor to their favorite animal shelter!

If you’re looking for a heartwarming tale, take a look at our holiday donation campaign featuring George, a blind, deaf, elderly Shih Tzu! Support from generous donors is what makes it possible for us to ensure that animals like George have a happy forever, regardless of the circumstances from which they come from.

Grab a ticket (or several!) for your chance to win this delightful basket of warmth and comfort! Picture yourself nestled underneath a unique handmade Lawrence Humane t-shirt quilt, sippin’ on a delicious cup of cocoa in your new cat mug, and the wafting smell of a mulled cider candle fills the air! The lucky winner of this raffle will receive a basket of cozy items that valued over $500. 

Winner will be drawn on Thursday, December 21st!

In 2022, Lawrence Humane cared for 1,623 stray and lost pets, putting a strain on already limited kennel space. While Lawrence Humane staff were able to reunite 580 of those pets with their owners, many of these animals could have been reunited with their owners sooner or avoided coming to the shelter altogether had they been wearing an ID tag, engraved with the owners’ names and phone numbers. In order to ensure that lost pets can be reunited with their owners, Lawrence Humane is in need of a pet ID engraving machine for its Pet Resource Center so that engraved pet tags can be provided to owned pets who come to Lawrence Humane as strays, for veterinary care, or whose owners receive pet supplies through Lawrence Humane’s pet pantry. Help us raise the $5,000 necessary to purchase a pet ID engraving machine and one year’s worth of pet ID tags by visiting DCCF’s “Giving for Good” catalog! 

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