Best Animal Stories of 2023: Rosie

At Lawrence Humane, we seek to be a safety net for the pet owners and animals of Douglas County. Most of the time, that means that we get to support loving pet owners and beloved pets – it is a joy and a privilege to help keep families (because we all know that pets ARE family) whole and together. But once in a while, it means that we get to be the safety net for an animal whose people choose to no longer care for them. And Rosie is one such dog that we were honored to help.

Rosie, a 2 year old Husky, was brought to Lawrence Humane as a stray, the finders concerned that something was very wrong with Rosie. Rosie was wobbly and could barely stand. The Lawrence Humane veterinary team examined Rosie, took x-rays to check for trauma, ran blood work, and determined that it was very likely there was something in her stomach causing her to be unwell. However, Rosie needed an ultrasound to determine further treatment. In the meantime, thanks to her microchip, Rosie’s owners were contacted and came to Lawrence Humane. After learning of her condition, Rosie’s owners declined to seek critical emergency care for her and instead elected to surrender her.

Luckily, the Lawrence Humane staff does not give up on animals easily, and Rosie was no exception. Our executive director drove Rosie to an emergency animal hospital nearly an hour away for an abdominal ultrasound, which determined that Rosie had bones in her stomach and had also eaten something toxic that was causing her neurological symptoms. With a treatment plan made, our director brought Rosie back to Lawrence Humane, where Rosie was put on IV fluids and medication to help her pass the bones and support her body as it processed whatever toxin she had eaten. Rosie was closely monitored by our clinic team and after a few short days of supportive care, Rosie had fully recovered! 

We are grateful to Rosie’s finders for noticing that something was wrong and swiftly bringing her to us. And we are so thankful to our community for supporting Lawrence Humane and enabling us to provide the best possible care to dogs like Rosie, who otherwise have no one else to ensure their health and safety. 

It breaks our hearts that this sweet girl has lost her home and her family, but thankfully Rosie is healthy now and ready to find a new family that will love her unconditionally. Rosie is a little shy at first, but once she’s comfortable with you, she’ll crawl into your lap and love you with her whole heart.  Rosie loves other dogs too!  And she is absolutely gorgeous, as you can see!  (We think she’s pretty special, can’t you tell?)

If you’re interested in meeting Rosie, please email or visit us any day from noon to 6pm (Wednesdays until 5pm)! 

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