Thus far in 2023, we have served over 6,500 animals by giving them a place to stay, providing much-needed veterinary care, matching them with loving homes, and so much more. And we couldn’t have done any of it without the support from our generous community! We hope you’ll take a moment to pause, read these amazing animal stories, and feel great about the impact you’re making in the world. These are just a few of the thousands of animals we were able to help this year and we can’t wait to do even more in 2024! 

Chubs came to Lawrence Humane as a stray with very severe skin conditions. His skin was inflamed, itchy, and bleeding from persistent scratching. He was anemic and significantly underweight. He was missing fur all over his body and his raw paw pads left bloody marks with every step. And yet, his tail never stopped wagging and the smile never left his face. Despite his never-ending discomfort, Chubs was kind to everyone he met. Watch the video below to learn more about Chubs and see his incredible transformation!

At Lawrence Humane, we seek to be a safety net for the pet owners and animals of Douglas County. Most of the time, that means that we get to support loving pet owners and beloved pets – it is a joy and a privilege to help keep families (because we all know that pets ARE family) whole and together. But once in a while, it means that we get to be the safety net for an animal whose people choose to no longer care for them. And Rosie is one such dog that we were honored to help. Read Rosie’s tale of recovery and hope!

PS – Rosie is available for adoption!

Millie, or Momma Millie, as we like to call her, arrived at Lawrence Humane in March as a stray with no known family or home. Thin and scared, Millie didn’t want anyone to touch her for the first two weeks she was at the shelter. When she finally allowed us to interact with her, we discovered she was pregnant! Millie went on to birth three cherub puppies with our executive director acting as her doula. Read all about Millie’s journey to trusting people and her incredible happy ending!
On a hot, summer day, an elderly, gray, gentleman cat was brought to Lawrence Humane as a stray. He had clearly experienced a very challenging life – his fur was so terribly matted that it formed a multi inch-thick exoskeleton over his body, he was severely dehydrated, and the few teeth that he had left were infected and rotting inside his mouth. But despite the obvious pain and discomfort he was in, he was sweet and bright-eyed. While Humphrey’s story may not be a traditional happy-ending type, it’s beautiful in its own way. Read all about Humphrey’s soft landing and the importance of foster homes!

Lawrence Humane hosts low-cost vaccine clinics throughout the year so that pet owners who are struggling to afford or access private veterinary care are still able to provide life-saving, preventative care for their pets. And thanks to our Crisis Pet Retention (CPR) program, we are able to partly or fully subsidize the entire cost of vaccines/microchips for those owners for whom the low-cost prices present a financial hardship. In 2023, we hosted 14 low-cost pet vaccine/microchip clinics and served 657 animals from 381 households. One of those animals was Reggie. Check out Reggie’s story to learn how we were able to provide physical, financial, and emotional relief for Reggie and his mom!

George, a blind, deaf, elderly Shih Tzu, was brought to Lawrence Humane under the worst circumstances imaginable. His owner had passed away in their home and no one knew for a long, long time. George and the other dog in the home were left to survive on their own without food or water. Unfortunately, the other dog didn’t make it, so George was left completely alone with no idea of where his person was and why this was happening. By the time George was discovered, he was severely emaciated and dehydrated. A lot of places would have given up on George. But Lawrence Humane staff believed that George’s story didn’t need to end there – he could still have a happy ending. Read all about it! 

We hope these stories bring a smile to your face and some joy to your day. These animals’ stories are proof that no matter how dark things may seem, it can always get better when we come together in support of one another. All of us at Lawrence Humane feel so fortunate to care for the pets and pet owners of Douglas County. And we are grateful for your support because YOU are the reason that animals like these have such bright futures! We hope you feel the impact of your gifts to Lawrence Humane and will continue to support us so that we can serve even more animals before the end of 2023 and in the years ahead!