Love at First Sight

Back in April 2017, Mary Baskett and her husband had been hunting for a companion for several months. They were becoming discouraged as they constantly checked the Lawrence Humane site, but could never quite find their match. Their daughter kept telling them, “She’s out there waiting for you.” On a random day in April, Mary decided to check the site and found, what she believed could be, “the one.” Calling immediately to make sure she was still available she came to Lawrence Humane immediately. 

When they arrived Bella was right there in a, “what took you so long,” kind of way and it was love at first site. They put a hold on her and went home to prepare. Coming to pick her up the next day Bella acted like they had been together forever. She immediately jumped in the car. On the way home a fire truck with sirens blaring scared Bella and she jumped right into Mary’s lap. Bella knew she was finally safe. 

Arriving home Bella didn’t take long to get comfortable.  Bella and the Baskett family were obviously a match made in heaven! Since December 2020, Bella has been living her best life with the Basketts. Her favorite things are walks, people, other dogs, and their daughter’s tuxedo cat. She loves to travel and has been on many trips with the family. She also enjoys running and playing outside but is just as content cuddling up for a nice movie night. 

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