5 Places to Walk Your Dog in Lawrence

Exercise is essential to living a healthy lifestyle for humans, but our furry friends need it just as much as we do! This helps promote mental stimulation and keeps your pets happy and in tip-top shape. With the launch of this year’s Paw Valley Challenge, we’re going to show you our top five favorite places […]

The Hi-Binx

While in college, many students experience emotional and physical stress due to their work load and other pressures surrounding college life. There are many ways to help with these stressors, one being an emotional support animal! Binx came to Lawrence Humane named Frosty. His owners, Lacee and her roommates, came originally planning to adopt another […]

All Bark and Nova Bite

Nova, originally named Baby, was adopted from LHS in November of 2022 by Heather. Though not originally named Nova, Heather knew that because he was so handsome Baby was not the right name for him. She eventually landed on Cassonova, Nova for short. They played together for about 30 seconds before Heather knew she had […]