The Hi-Binx

While in college, many students experience emotional and physical stress due to their work load and other pressures surrounding college life. There are many ways to help with these stressors, one being an emotional support animal! Binx came to Lawrence Humane named Frosty. His owners, Lacee and her roommates, came originally planning to adopt another cat at Lawrence Humane. However, they did weren’t quite prepared so they could not bring a cat home during their original visit. 

The group came back only to learn that the cat they were planning to adopt had been adopted by another person. But after meeting and spending time with Frosty, they decided to bring him into their family. Changing his name was their first fun group activity. They had put names on pieces of paper and let Binx choose his name. He picked Zeus but after a few days of getting to know his personality, his people quickly realized that Zeus did not fit his personality. That’s when they decided to name him Binx. 

He was a bit shy during his first three days, only coming out for food or the bathroom. But after he adjusted, Binx now has to be with one of his owners at all times. He loves attention and Lacee said, “If you don’t give him all of your attention when he is awake he will meow at you until you do, and it’s the cutest thing.” Binx loves sleeping with his owners and will often travel between rooms throughout the night to get the maximum amount of cuddles possible. He is now thriving and loves meeting new people. We cannot wait for more updates about Binx and his people!

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