Lawrence Humane to host monthly low-cost vaccine clinics

On Sunday, April 18th, we hosted a low-cost vaccine and microchip clinic for Douglas County residents. On Sunday, April 18th, the Lawrence Humane Society hosted the first of many low-cost vaccine and microchip clinics that we plan to offer on a monthly basis. For our April clinic, we were able to serve: We have seen […]

Saving lives in Douglas County for 70 years

Let’s transport back into time to 1881. The United States encounters three different presidents in one calendar year, the American Red Cross is established, Kansas becomes the first state to prohibit all alcoholic beverages, and stray animals are a nuisance to Marshal Pretince here in Lawrence, Kansas. Under an advertisement for fruit cake, macaroons, and […]


“On January 28, 2021, we brought this handsome guy to his fur-ever home! There is a lot to be said for me to jump into something like this – I love my white carpet, my clean house, and my freedom to come and go at the spur of the moment. We’ve been without a dog […]

CPR Fund: Sunny & Rocket

I only want to give them as much as they’ve given to me.” Sunny and Rocket’s mom, Michelle, applied for the Crisis Pet Retention Fund at the beginning of November in 2020. She noted in her application that she had lost her housing due to a volatile situation and her pets were not allowed at […]

How A Microchip Brought A Wandering Pup Back Home

Our in-house counsel, Katie Barnett, was driving home from running errands. In the middle of the dusty country road, a tiny lil’ black and white pup was trotting around, clearly lost. Katie pulled off to the side and the sweet girl sprinted right into her arms. In the midst of many kisses, Katie realized there […]

CPR Fund Keeps Pluto and His Pal Together

Pluto is a 16-month old pup with soulful eyes, a playful demeanor, and a curiosity for life. When this lively boy unexpectedly became severely ill, his owner, SaDante, did what any dog dad would do when their best bud isn’t feeling well – he took him to the vet. Pluto was in shock when he […]

Wet Nose News Magazine – December

The Wet Nose News magazine is chock full of animal stories, happy adoptions, fun games/contests, and other going-ons at the shelter. This month’s issue features a great story about a Lawrence legend, a brand-new behavioral column, and year-end CPR updates.

A Letter From Fourteen-Year-Old Girl Brings Joy to Our Shelter

When staff first received the tiny note addressed to the shelter, it seemed like any other donation. Sometimes people mail their gifts to us via snail mail, but this gift was different. Inside was a $5 Walmart gift card and evidence of one young lady’s abundant love for animals. So what was in the letter?! […]

Cleo the Parvo Puppy: Fostering, Recovery and a Whole lot of Love

When Alyssia Vallejo signed up to join our foster community, she knew she would love her foster pets, but one puppy took it to a whole new level. Eight-week-old puppy, Cleo, was Alyssia’s first foster. Even though she always knew the first foster would be special, she did not know the full magnitude of how […]