What help is there for unhoused pet owners?

On a thundering gray and rainy Saturday morning, Alice DelBosque stacks cans of cat food, plastic bags full of goods and puts a loaf of bread on top.  “Can you guys do something with this?” she asks, rattling a box of pasta as folks from the camp approached her.  Each Saturday and Sunday, DelBosque drives […]

Court Ruling for Dog Owners in Leawood Has Local Ties to Lawrence

Lucy, a mixed breed dog, was adopted from a shelter in Kansas City, MO to a family who later relocated to Leawood, KS. The city had a ban on “any animal having the appearance or characteristics of being predominantly of the breeds known as Pit Bull, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, or American Pit […]

Six ways your pets keep you healthy

#1. Frequent walking Those daily walks with your pup are beneficial for two main reasons: heart health and bone health! The American Heart Association recommends adults strive for at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity per week. What is moderate intensity activity? BRISK WALKING! Getting outside with your dog every day can keep your […]

Kira’s Kitten Kits

“If I can do it, you can too.” That was Kira Serisky’s moto. Vermont resident, Kira, was just 14 years old when she began her mission to save kittens and educate others while doing so. Kira believed that everyone is capable of pitching in to help cats and kittens in some capacity, no matter how […]

Clear the Shelter 2021

The sun was shining as Lawrence Humane staff arrived early in the morning to the animal shelter on Saturday, September 18th. With high hopes, we prepared to find homes for more than 100 animals in a single day. Kennels were cleaned and plans were made for fosters to bring their foster pets to the shelter […]

Roscoe & Bleu Livin’ the #FarmLife

A couple, Bill & Cathy, who live outside of town on several acres of land came by one afternoon with high hopes of finding a new member to add to their farm full of goats and llamas! Bill was quite partial to a 6-year-old australian shepherd named Rosco who had been at the shelter for […]

Happy 19th Birthday to Polly Prissy Pants!

“Honey, you’ve gotta see this cat!” my wife called from the other room. Having adopted a sweet little tortie from LHS just a few months previous, we weren’t looking for another cat for ourselves – we were just trying to help a friend find her match. But the minute I saw Polly Prissy Pants’ photo, […]

Take a look at Sugar’s Catio!

Hello, friends! It’s Sugar here…with my first ever blog post! When you only have one and a half paws – typing takes a while, you know? I bet you’ve been enjoying the summer! What’s not to like, right? Sunshine…blue skies…a nice breeze…bird watching…munching on some cat grass while laying on your belly… Oh! Wait…that last […]

Love From A Dog Named Calli

Sydney was attending college at the University of Kansas back in 2015 and was feeling overwhelmed by her course load. She opted to get her degree in three years instead of four and the pressure was really taking a toll on her mental health. As many college students do, she was struggling to feel like […]

5 Lessons Every Pet Parent Can Learn From Volunteering at the Humane Society

I’ve been a dog lover as long as I can remember. One of my parents’ earliest home videos is of me tapping on the glass to our labrador retrievers outside, laughing every time they approached and begging for more. But being a dog lover and really understanding them are not the same. I learned that […]