Clear the Shelter 2023

Every summer, animal shelters across the nation participate in a “Clear the Shelter” adoption special. This will have been our 9th year in a row (yes – even during COVID!) that we have hosted this exciting adoption special. While we don’t always completely “clear” the shelter, we always have an amazing life-saving day and this […]

Shannon Wells voted Community Leader in Lawrence

While the Lawrence Humane Society placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in a number of meaningful categories, we’re especially excited about our executive director, Shannon Wells, winning 1st place for Community Leader!    In the 3.5 years that she’s been in Lawrence, Shannon has given more of herself to serving this community than many people will give in […]

#Mightycat: Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton was brought to Lawrence Humane as a stray kitten at approximately 6 weeks old, found by a man on his rural property. It appeared she had experienced some sort of traumatic incident as she could not bear weight on her right front leg. After our medical team examined Dolly, it was believed that whatever […]

#Mightycat: Piko

Meet Piko – our newest Orphan Kitten Club #Mightycat! Piko was surrendered to Lawrence Humane when he was approximately 5-6 weeks old, underweight and with a belly full of worms. After receiving his first dose of medication, he was sent to foster care so he would have a safe place to gain some weight before he could be made […]

2023 Paw Valley Challenge

The 2023 Paw Valley Challenge was the 4th year of walking, running, and biking the entire month of May and the 2nd year we’ve celebrated with a super awesome party on the front lawn of the shelter! This year, we collectively logged nearly 25,000 miles (that’s as far as going all the way around the […]

Dale Willey Honda Sponsors Pet Microchip Clinic

What an awesome day to serve the animal community of Lawrence! On Saturday, June 24th, Dale Willey Honda and Lawrence Humane partnered together to host a drive-thru microchip clinic at the Honda Dealership in Lawrence. During the event, 59 animals were microchipped for free thanks to Dale Willey subsidizing the cost. Dealership staff also provided […]

Bullet the Cat

In 2011, a stray cat arrived to Lawrence Humane after being shot twice and trapped near a home in North Lawrence. At the time of his arrival to the shelter, he was only 2 years old. Veterinarians performed surgery on the cat where they removed one of the bullets but the other needed to remain […]

Celebrating our #fosterheros

Jordan Guskey Jordan started fostering for us last year and is an absolute joy to work with! He is up for any challenge and takes some of our more energetic pups. Jordan does an excellent job meeting the dogs’ needs and marketing them on social media. We’re so thankful for our fosters who show up […]

Meet this 13-year-old from NYC who volunteers at Lawrence Humane

This was sent to us from Anushka – a volunteer from New York City! “As I open the door to the Cat Room, I am immediately greeted by so many meowing kittens and cats longing for attention. I walk through the room and visit each and every one of them. I help some of the […]

Spicy Kitten Poems

Foster caretaker, Katie Sears, has been caring for Lawrence Humane animals since 2020. Her most recent foster kittens (Wingnut and Screwloose) are what we call “spicy,” meaning they are hissy, grumpy, and don’t like humans that much. By getting our spiciest kittens in foster homes at a young age, we can slowly socialize them and encourage them that humans […]