A Life of Love and Second Chances

In May 2017, Bonnie Buzzard lost her dachshund, Roxie. She was heartbroken and believed she would never be able to love another dog the way she loved Roxie. Looking for a new dog to love, she checked the Lawrence Humane site frequently. Every time she looked, one dog always caught her eye – Kota. She […]

Love at First Sight

Back in April 2017, Mary Baskett and her husband had been hunting for a companion for several months. They were becoming discouraged as they constantly checked the Lawrence Humane site, but could never quite find their match. Their daughter kept telling them, “She’s out there waiting for you.” On a random day in April, Mary […]

Gidget to Chloe

Chloe, a pregnant Yorkie, came to Lawrence Humane from a breeder. She lived in a cage where she lost a lot of her hair, suffered from a lack of contact with humans, and weighed only 4.5 pounds (almost 3 pounds lighter than the average Yorkie). Upon arrival to the shelter, she was immediately sent to a foster […]

All Bark and Nova Bite

Nova, originally named Baby, was adopted from LHS in November of 2022 by Heather. Though not originally named Nova, Heather knew that because he was so handsome Baby was not the right name for him. She eventually landed on Cassonova, Nova for short. They played together for about 30 seconds before Heather knew she had […]

Mama Nellie

LAWRENCE, KS – Back in 2021,  we posted a female mastiff on our foster Facebook page that needed to be fostered. We desperately wanted to get her in a home because we believed she was pregnant and the shelter is not the best place for a pregnant mom to have babies. Wouldn’t you know it […]

The Marvelous Miss Meep

Let us introduce you to our tiny but mighty little friend, Meep. Meep is one of 87 kittens that came from one property in Douglas County. Yes, you read that correctly – 87 kittens. The property where these cats were living changed owners and unfortunately the new owners threatened the safety of the animals if […]

Roscoe & Bleu Livin’ the #FarmLife

A couple, Bill & Cathy, who live outside of town on several acres of land came by one afternoon with high hopes of finding a new member to add to their farm full of goats and llamas! Bill was quite partial to a 6-year-old australian shepherd named Rosco who had been at the shelter for […]


“On January 28, 2021, we brought this handsome guy to his fur-ever home! There is a lot to be said for me to jump into something like this – I love my white carpet, my clean house, and my freedom to come and go at the spur of the moment. We’ve been without a dog […]

Adoption Story: Mac & Cheese

We went into the Humane Society with the intention of adopting one kitten, but as soon as we saw Mac & Cheese playing together in their kennel we knew we couldn’t adopt just one. They don’t resemble each other at all and have totally different personalities, but I adore them. Mac is my handsome, affectionate, […]

Adoption Story: Bella

My husband and I had been looking for a dog for several months back in 2017. We checked the Lawrence Humane website almost daily and visited several times to meet dogs we saw online. Our daughter kept telling us we would find our dog — “She’s out there waiting for you,” she would say. One […]